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4 Content Marketing Lessons Taught by Social Media


Your Content is Your Story

Every piece of content you publish tells a part of your brand’s story. It might be a small piece like a Tweet or an image shared through Instagram, or it could be a longer blog post detailing a part of your brand’s history. Regardless of length, each piece of content you send out into the world has the ability to affect how your brand is perceived.

What kind of impression are you making?


Video: About Social Media: What is Content Marketing? (12/23)


The Content Marketing Lessons We Have Learned From Social Media

If the internet is a great equalizer, so is social media the great communicator. Social media is hands down one of the simplest ways to reach out and connect with people all around the world. In the past we relied on written communications and voice communications to tell our stories, and we did not have something like the internet to enable us to share these things with people who lived far away from us. Now, thanks to the ease with which we can upload a video or compose a short piece of content for a blog, a whole new world of opportunity is available to us as the storytellers of our brands!

  1. The most powerful of all stories are inspired by reality – The most powerful stories are going to be those that have their basis in real situations; things that have happened to real people who are connected to your brand. Look for stories of people facing one obstacle or another and using your product or service to solve their problem.
  2. Make use of any and all communication methods available to you – Social networks, blogs, websites, newspaper and magazine ads… Each of these things is something that you can use to spread your message. Don’t limit yourself to what you know works; step outside of your comfort zone and continue using every tool at your disposal to get the word out about your brand!
  3. Get people involved in telling your story – Ask your customers and the people who engage with you through your website, social profiles, and other mediums to help you tell the story of your brand. Invite them to use their own words to share their experiences, and how your brand played a part in that chapter of their lives.
  4. Keep a continuous theme going in your brand’s story – Don’t discount the need for a thread of continuity in your brand’s storytelling process. There needs to be something, some sort of common element in each piece of content you publish that can be used to tie it into the fabric of the greater story being told.



How do you tell your brand’s story?

Do you use social media, blogs, or something else?


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Special Section: Brand Storytelling Lessons From the Pros

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