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7 Traits of the Best Business Blogs


Should You Aim For Perfection?

No, not really.

The thing is, no one is perfect. Trying for perfection is not an ideal solution to creating a better business blog; instead, try to be the very best that you can be. We’re all human and as such we make mistakes like typos or linking the wrong anchors and URLs from time to time. Instead of getting caught up in these things, thank the person who pointed them out to you, fix the problem, and keep moving forward!


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Try These Traits on For Size

If you’d like to try your hand at building a better business blog, take a look at this list of traits we’ve put together for you; we think a blog that has all of (or even most of) these would be pretty awesome!

  1. Planning Ahead – If you’re the person with a plan, good for you! One of the most attractive traits of a great business blog is the obvious presence of some kind of planning. Even if it’s only a general content theme or a tentative publishing schedule, a little planning goes a long way!
  2. Variety – People like a little variety in their entertainment and information, and isn’t a good blog more or less providing both at the same time? If you want to rise up in the ranks of successful business blogs this is a good trait to have.
  3. Problem-solving – If you find that you are receiving a lot of questions in your comments or email inbox, why not start answering them in blog posts? You can also put together a list of common problems related to your niche and work on devising solutions for them to share with your readers.
  4. Open Attitude – A blog that makes an open and honest impression is going to be much more popular and successful than one that does not. When a brand makes an effort to be authentic and give its readers the information they need and deserve in an open environment it is definitely on the way to being a better brand!
  5. Personality – Don’t let your blog fall prey to being a stuffy regurgitation of industry information! Instead, give it a little bit of personality; decide before you begin publishing what sort of voice you want your blog to have and make sure that you imbue your blog with that voice on a regular basis. Some subjects are going to be a little dry, that’s hard to change, but everything doesn’t have to be that way.
  6. Passion – If you are passionate about your blog topics, your readers will be too. If you’re slightly less than enthusiastic, it’s going to show in your writing just as passion would. Business blogs with passion behind them are going places, and if you can imbue a bit of passion in your posts, all the better!
  7. Persistence – Being persistent is an excellent quality to find in a business blog. Find the topics you are passionate about and continue to write about them in new and interesting ways. If you can do this on a consistent schedule that will be an excellent bonus that will definitely help you make your business blog even better.


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Better Business Blogging is Possible For Everyone

You don’t have to have a big budget to be a successful business blogger. If your brand has a smaller budget that just means that you’ll have to get creative in order to make things happen. You don’t need to be a blogging expert either; everyone has to start somewhere, and even today’s most popular and successful bloggers were once new to blogging themselves.

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Which of the traits we listed do you think is most important? Why do you feel this way?



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