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Behind the Scenes: Creating High-quality SEO


Dispelling the Myths

Despite what many people might believe, SEO isn’t some sort of mystical search engine manipulation.

When undertaken in an honest and sustainable manner, SEO is just another tool that ends with your site providing your customers with what they want while your brand is getting something in return. You get traffic and (hopefully) conversions / sales, as well as traffic to your website. Your visitors and customers get the information they were seeking when they types their query into their favorite search engine. Everybody wins!

In the case of poorly done or low-quality SEO, this may not be the case. This is the kind of SEO that people think of when they visualize the industry. Would you expect to see a quality SEO services company scuttling around behind the curtain, showing a smiling face and flashy presentation to clients while fiddling with dozens of knobs and levers, deploying automatic harvesting, spinning, and submission tools that render content and links that are little better than junk? No, you wouldn’t. These fly-by-night operations are buying and selling links, scraping and spinning and spamming their hearts out. They have packages that claim they can get you 10,000 backlinks in the next 48 hours and get you to Page 1 of Google in less than a month guaranteed. That is manipulation both of you as a customer as well as the search engines, and none of these are quality SEO services.


What a high-quality SEO company actually does

The truth is, SEO isn’t a simple black and white proposition.

By nature, SEO is a constantly changing thing that lives and grows as time passes; it is not a one-time thing or a static concept by any means!

Video: SEO Myth 5 of 50 Video – SEO is a One-Time Task

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As a discipline it requires an open mind and a willingness to perform research, analyze the data, and do what we can to make great things happen. If this means going a bit outside of the box and seeking solutions outside of our comfort zones, so be it!

We’ve put together a brief checklist that you can use to evaluate SEO firms to see what kind of quality you are likely to be dealing with. The more items on this list the firm can claim, the higher quality SEO service you can expect!

  1. Competition analysis
  2. Keyword research
  3. Proactive vs. Reactive SEO
  4. Performance tracking
  5. Customer service
  6. On-page analysis

Why are these things important? Analysis and research are essential for discovering strengths and flaws that will need to be addressed throughout your project. If your competition has a weakness such as failure to target a popular keyword, you can discover this through research and take advantage of the opportunity. Proactive SEO does not wait for the next algorithm change or trend, instead it goes out into the wide world of the internet and makes its mark through high-quality content marketing, social activity, and excellent outreach and response programs.

Analayzing a site page by page and tracking how well optimization measures are performing are essential to making sure everything possible is being done to help your site, and anything that isn’t a good use of your investment is discontinued in search of something better. As for customer service, any business that isn’t top-notch in this area, especially an SEO firm, is asking for trouble! It is the responsibility of the best quality affordable SEO firms to take care of their customers and see to their needs within the scope of their projects. Those who are willing to do this and do it well are the ones who will provide the best quality affordable SEO service and produce the best work and operate using only the highest-quality methods in order to produce the results you desire.


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What do you think of when you hear the words “quality search engine optimization?”

Do any specifics come to mind, or do you simply get a gut feeling about what is right?

We’d love to hear what you have to say!



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