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Content Marketing Newsflash – It’s Not All About You


Not About Me? What Do You Mean?

When we say that your content marketing isn’t all about you, we mean that your needs are not the only ones that should be considered.

As far as the subject matter goes, it’s to be expected that your content marketing materials are a bit influenced by your brand message. Even so, your message and the materials that contain it should be geared not only towards your brand, but towards the needs of your target audience as well.


Video: Why Content Marketing – Jay Baer Interview


Where Their Needs Begin and Your Needs End

So whose needs are more important? A brand’s, or a customers?

The answer is that neither is more important than the other. The goal of content marketing is to reach a brand’s audience with different kinds of content and use this content to convey a message and tell the story of the brand in question. Customers are a vital part of this equation because without them there would be no one around to read the content brands are producing – in order for this relationship to be beneficial, the needs of both parties should be considered as equally important.

There is often a marked disconnect between what a brand is producing and what its customers want. This happens because resources are not allocated in such a way as to serve the needs of all parties equally, instead they are often distributed and used according to what the brand feels its customers want….regardless of whether that is what the customers actually want or not. And more the most part this is not a deliberate decision; brands do not perform research, find out what their customers want, and then do whatever the brand wanted to do in the first place… usually any issues arise from the brand not taking appropriate action after gathering the data from their research efforts.



What Your Brand Can Do to Close the Gap

As a brand you have a lot going on; you have traditional marketing, you have internet marketing, customer care, inventory, and a variety of other business functions and daily tasks to keep an eye on. The last thing you need to to worry about the fine details of your content marketing…right?

Unfortunately, you would be wrong if you agreed to that question. Even though you are very busy already, your content marketing isn’t something that you can afford to brush off or blindly delegate to someone else at your company. If you cannot do the work it is okay to delegate, but make sure that the person in charge understands what needs to be done!

Important Advice for Brands

  • Don’t make your audience hunt for or work too hard to consume your content, instead, bring your content to them – People would prefer if the brands they follow did the legwork and brought content to them. People don’t have a lot of time to consume content, so the time they do have they would rather spend actually consuming content rather than searching for it themselves.
  • Don’t just “learn” about your audience…get to know them as closely as you possibly can – There is more to your audience than just the information you glean from a quick inspection. From purchase information to the types of music and other entertainment that your customers enjoy, all information you can find is valuable and should be reviewed frequently to compare new and old information and look for new connections between the data.
  • Constantly seek to understand the conversion process – Each brand has a slightly different process through which a prospect converts into a customer. We could tell you to go to your marketing department or your customer service department, or even your office secretary, but because we don’t know the particulars of your business that’s not a good idea. Instead we will simply urge you to take the data you have gathered from your prospects and customers and look for patterns of engagement.



What kinds of content does your brand produce the most of? Examples would be blog posts, videos, podcasts, and infographics.




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