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Few people can argue that guest posting on blogs in your industry is anything but a fabulous way to get your name and ideas out there and reach a broader audience than you might on your own.

What many people are unsure of is exactly how to go about mastering the guest posting game. How do you know what to do? Is there anything that you should avoid in hopes of achieving the best possible results?



When Guest Blogging, Do These Things…

If you are a guest blogger or aspiring to be one, these are definitely some good tips to keep in mind. Some of these may be common sense to you, and some might be new tidbits of information that you can file away for later use!

  • Read and follow the guidelines of the host blog
  • Write as if you were writing for your own blog
  • After your post is published, return to check for and respond to comments
  • Make sure your post fits well with the audience of the host blog
  • Give every courtesy and consideration to the host blogger / editor

Getting to know the blogger(s) and editor(s) of the blog that you would like to submit content to is one of the most important things you can do if you would like to be a successful guest blogger. These people are not only important to your end goal of getting your content published by others, but they are also valuable contacts that may be able to help you in the future. You can never go wrong with networking!


…and Don’t Do These Things


Video: WRONG Ways to Ask for a Guest Post


Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid every single faux pas out there, but if you follow the advice of this post you’re already ahead of the game with this list of things to avoid doing as a part of your guest blogging strategy.

  • Plagiarize / duplicate content from other authors
  • Write about a generic or over-used topic
  • Neglect basic formatting, spelling, or grammar
  • Contact any and every blog that might possibly publish your content
  • Add unnecessary links
  • Act unprofessionally if your post is rejected
  • Use low-quality /spun content
  • Submit content that you have already published elsewhere

Again, some fairly common sense advice here, but it is all very important to remember so it bears repeating. Behaving like a professional, courteous person is going to take you a long way in the world of internet marketing. Host blogs don’t have to take your content, and you are not always doing them a favor by giving them your content to publish.


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Some blogs will take just about anything, while others are a bit more selective. It is up to you to find the right blogs for you and your content, and approaching them in a way that is appropriate.

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If a new guest blogger came to you and asked for one piece of advice to help them succeed, what would you tell them?



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