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In a great sea of competition, does your site stand out?

If you’re a new start-up or even a small to mid-sized business that hasn’t been around more than a few years, the answer is likely not going to be one that puts a smile on your face. The simple fact is that there are hundreds of millions of websites out there right now, and most of them are trying to sell something. Whether it’s an idea, a product, a service, or a cause, a sale is a sale. The goal of most websites is to convert a visitor from a prospect into a satisfied customer, and everything from the structure to the media components of a website are geared towards this end.

To take your website from shrimp to shark you will need some search engine optimization tips & techniques.

Don’t know much about website search engine optimization tips? Never really tried your hand at learning any free SEO tips like the ones we offer? No worries!

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Steer clear of things like this – if you’re working with RankPop you can rest assured that none of this shady business is going on here!

We have three free search engine optimization tips right here that anyone can apply to their website right now and start seeing results.


Organic search engine optimization tips for your website

If you’re interested in getting things off the ground or making an impact (and who isn’t?) take a look at these three search engine optimization tips and tricks:

  1. Look to on-page optimizers – If you can only take advantage of one search engine optimization tip, make sure that you focus on your page titles. Make sure your titles include any relevant keywords that belong to a particular page, but write them first and foremost for people, not search engines; as any good search engine optimization tips blog will tell you, don’t cram your titles full of keywords, instead use them when and where they make sense!
  2. Create share-worthy content – One of the most commonly shared SEO tips and tricks is to create content that is unique to you and your website. While there might not be anything new under the sun, there is always a different angle to present something from. If you can’t or don’t want to create a bunch of text content, why not create a few videos or infographics? Relevancy and information are the keys, everything after that is simply extra value for your audience. This is one of the best search engine optimization tips for dummies that we’ve ever found because just about anyone can create some form of content their visitors will love.
  3. Focus on building “natural” links – And by natural we mean the kind you’ve built “by hand” as opposed to through an automated system. Automated link-building is rapidly becoming not only undesirable but downright dangerous as the links built this way can easily make a website a target for search engine penalties; avoiding a penalty is one of our best Google search engine optimization tips. Instead of automated methods that could get you in trouble, work on local search engine optimization tips like local blogger outreach and community networking, and the links will come naturally through opportunities such as guest posting on other blogs.


You + Us = SEO Gold

Generally speaking, the kind of SEO you can do yourself is the same kind that an SEO company like RankPop can do for you.

The real difference comes from the variety and volume that a professional can produce and provide that most small businesses simply cannot match. And it’s not because you don’t want to or can’t, but rather that if you’re going to turn a profit there are other aspects of your business that demand your attention. How can you give these other things the attention they deserve while still paying attention to learning new search engine optimization tips, especially when mastering a few good SEO tips will surely pay for itself if you can just keep it going?

The answer is to partner with an SEO company to help you enhance and expand your efforts.

Does this mean you can’t participate and be involved with your SEO whenever you’re able?

Absolutely not!

At least here at RankPop we encourage businesses to get involved and keep a line of communication open so that even while we’re handling their SEO they can still be involved in the process and participate whenever they’re able.



What sort of relationship do you have with the SEO company you work with? What would you change about this relationship if you could choose one thing?




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