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Find Out How Google Ranks Your Website


Have you ever wondered exactly how Google determines where your website should rank? Out of the hundreds of millions of other websites out there, how does Google know where your site stands?

While we can’t give you a precise list of the over 200 different ranking factors taken into account by Google’s algorithm, we can tell you about some of the factors we are aware of and show you a few ways that you can work with them to give your website a fighting chance!

As an organic SEO services company, we know a little bit about organic SEO services and how we can help our clients get the organic SEO results they’re looking for.


Here’s what we know

According to a survey and analysis project by SEOmoz the following factors are what you need to focus on in your future SEO efforts whether you work with an organic SEO service or not. They are organized by importance from greatest to least. If you are thinking of hiring an organic search engine optimization service, ask them how this information would affect their organic search engine optimization strategy for your website.

  • The trust / authority of the host domain – The longer a website has been in existence, the better. The length of time that your website has been optimized and “active” will improve its chances of ranking organically, and this is one of the easiest (and yet most difficult) organic search engine optimization tips out there to implement. Search engines tend to put a lot of stock in a website’s credibility, and the age and legitimacy (often proved by activity and positive factors like a low bounce rate) of a website are used to weed out the relevant, established websites from the newer crowd. This is a technique used to serve searchers while preventing spammers from filling up the results pages with junk, and every good organic search engine optimization specialists group knows it.
  • The link popularity of a given page – The more links you have pointing from outside sources to your website from relevant authority sites in your niche, the more popular a page is considered. The links coming into your website are an indicator to Google of how popular your website is and how many authority websites consider your site worth linking to. This where an organic search engine optimization SEO company can come in handy!
  • The anchor text of links to the pageIn the past it was all about exact match anchor text; you wanted to rank for “organic SEO optimization company” or a similar term? Just build a lot of links with this keyword as your anchor text. Simple! Then came the Penguin update, and all of that changed. There is now an emphasis on relevancy over exact match anything. Of course you don’t want to have too many links with the anchor text of “Click here” coming back at you, but the key is variety, so if there are a few of those tossed into the mix it’s not something to worry about overmuch.
  • Your on-page keyword usage – Keywords are great, and they are the foundation of your organic search engine optimization efforts from the very start. There’s just one little problem with keywords – they tend to get stuffed into every little nook and cranny and that can spell bad news for your website. When you are optimizing your website’s content and code, pay attention to where and how you use your keywords. There is nothing wrong with including them in places where they fit naturally and make sense…the problem arises when your meta tags are nothing but strings of keywords as far as the eye can see.
  • A website’s registration and hosting data – If you have a nation-based target market (for example your business markets primarily to people in Brazil) then your website needs to be hosted on a domain that reflects this. If you have a very diverse or global market, a .com or other common domain extension is best. The language your website is in, location of the IP address your website is associated with, and other geo-specific information are also taken into consideration.
  • Traffic and CTR (Click Through Rate) data – One of the more broad-use ranking factors Google considers is user behavior in the form of who is clicking on what. The more traffic your website gets, the more popular it is, and following the logic of Google, the more potential it has to be useful and relevant to the search query that returned it. Whether or not someone clicks on your website when they see it in their search results is one of the first clues Google has about the relevance of your website to a user’s query.
  • Social graph metrics – Defined by Brad Fitzpatrick as “the global mapping of everybody and how they’re related“, the social graph has since become a very big deal. While social signals might not be the most important ranking factor, the fact that they made this list should be an indicator of how far they have risen in influence. More social activity surrounding your website indicates that your website is active and engaged with the web community.

Fascinating isn’t it? And this is only the beginning!

What is organic search engine optimization?

Essentially it is search engine optimization organic style; no paid-for campaigns, no ads, no nothing. Just pure search engine optimization organic search results; good ‘ol SEO at its finest. When people talk about organic SEO, they’re talking about organic search engine optimization SEO, which is essentially the same SEO that we’ve been seeing for years now. A good organic search engine marketing agency or independent organic SEO services provider can help you get the kind of organic search engine optimization services your business needs to get ahead.

Video: Google CEO Eric Schmidt On Google’s Secret Ranking Algorithm

There is so much that we as marketers don’t know about the inner workings of the Google algorithm, and chances are even the best organic search engine optimization company out there will never really know about what goes on behind the scenes. What we can tell you is that these are some of the important factors that Google considers when ranking your website, and we hope that you can use this information to improve your organic search engine optimization strategy!


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You know which of these factors is considered to be the most important according to the pie chart above…but which one do you think you should focus on most, and what makes that the most important factors in your eyes?



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