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Get Your Boss Excited About Content Marketing!

Content Marketing & Your Boss

Let’s face it. Most marketers are not lucky enough to have bosses that understand the need for content marketing; a few don’t even grasp the concept at all!

Here at RankPop we are blessed to have plenty of people in our higher ranks who understand, and even appreciate, the essential nature of content marketing for today’s successful brands.

For anyone who is not quite so fortunate, we have complied a series of steps that you can follow to help your boss understand and (dare we say) get excited about content marketing.


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The Plan of Attack

  1. Start from the beginning – Before you even bring up the subject of content marketing to your boss, make sure that you have taken the time to gather as much information as you can that backs up what you have to say. Think about what your brand’s message is now, and how content marketing can help you get that message out there. If you aren’t the best story-teller, find someone who is and ask them to help you.
  2. Define your goals – When it comes time to talk to your boss, start off with your background information you gathered, immediately followed by how this information has helped you form your long-term goals. Make sure to include information like bounce rates and potential losses the company could be experiencing, and how content could help improve these situations over time. Also stress the fact that what you are proposing is a sustainable, long-term strategy, not just a short-term burst of link-bait.
  3. Relate some of the benefits of content marketing – Explain to your boss that content marketing is relatively “safe” as far as internet marketing strategies go. It provides a consistent user experience and captures a lot of traffic over time. Content can also be promoted, repurposed, and generally can be used more than once in any single incarnation, making it very valuable marketing material.
  4. Give LOTS of detailed examples – Of course don’t go crazy and spend your whole budget on neato presentation supplies, charts, and graphs – instead find as many examples of other brands using your strategy to reach their goals and choose a few that are the most relevant to your brand. At least three would be appropriate to back up your vision. Your boss wants to see that the risk they are about to take is very likely to pay off. Show them what kind of content you aim to produce, and why your audience will love it.
  5. Outline your immediate plan of action – Don’t bore your boss with all the nitty-gritty details, but let them know what you plan on doing in the short-term to get your plan off the ground. Let them know what you will be doing each day, each week, etc so that they can track your progress on their own. Ask if you can have regular status meetings each week for a few months, and then once every few weeks after that.
  6. Actually have those status meetings – They really are important to keeping your boss excited about your brand’s content marketing. Use these meetings to answer questions, provide proof of your success, or just touch bases with your boss and keep his/her enthusiasm for the project going strong!


 Video: Great Feats of Content Marketing – Marketing Minute Series

This video talks about some of the amazing things content marketing can so, and how it can be used in different ways to accentuate a brand’s message and promote it at the same time.



How would you approach your boss about content marketing for your brand? What would you say to convince them that it was worth the risk? Have you done any of these things by mistake?


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