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Marrying PPC and Organic Search for Maximum Benefit


The Great Debate Rages On

There is always a lot of debate in the SEO  / internet marketing community as to which is “better”, PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, or organic SEO. We have better in quotation marks because the two are barely comparable – think of bananas and mangoes. Not much similarity there, except they’re both tropical fruits…but put them in a blender together and get ready for an amazing smoothie!

This is the idea when it comes to relating PPC advertising to organic SEO. There is some common ground and this is enough to allow the two to work well together, even though they are in fact quite different.

Video: SEO: Organic vs Paid Search


Some in the SEO / internet marketing community will disagree, but for now let’s agree to disagree and focus on this blended approach as a good idea and move on to a little more in-depth explanation of PPC.

The Truth About PPC Management

PPC campaign management is something that anyone who deals with Google PPC should be aware of. How else are you going to be able to collect the information you need? A PPC agency can help you collect and organize this data, but not everyone wants to work with a PPC management company, and that’s okay. PPC management services aren’t for everyone. A PPC company offering PPC services isn’t hard to find if you do decide that you’re interested in having expert PPC associates handle this leg of your research journey.

Now on to the good stuff!+


PPC Marketing Actually Helps Organic Search Optimization… Who Knew?

What is PPC, And What Does It Really Have to Do with Organic SEO?

Following what we’ve already said, PPC is a type of advertising / internet marketing technique that works with organic SEO by helping to identify the keywords that your brand should be targeting as a part of your organic SEO campaigns. Pretty nifty how that works out isn’t it?

The way this works is that the average PPC campaign has a much shorter shelf-life than a similar organic SEO campaign; for our purposes this means that running a PPC campaign will result in information you can use sooner than an organic SEO campaign. How does this provide benefits? For one, it tells you which keywords that are going to convert and which are going to be a waste of your time. Convenient? You bet!

In the long term, the information you gather from your PPC campaigns can help you to form a list of keywords to target organically. You’ll know what’s likely to convert and you can then form longtail keywords from these base terms, resulting in that much more potential benefit for your brand.


In the PPC vs. Organic SEO Debate, PPC is the Reality Check

A typical organic SEO campaign can take months to show results. We of the SEO community know this to be a simple fact of life in our industry.

For example, see the process defined in this infographic:

(Click for larger results. Originally found here)

PPC campaigns can show you results in a matter of weeks. Thanks to the amount of money they can require in the short term, some do not run for much longer than that.

But this is still plenty of time for you to get some very useful data.

Do you have a list of keywords you’re considering for your organic SEO campaign? Wouldn’t you love to have a way to take them for a test drive before you spent months optimizing a website for these terms? If you answered yes, you’re not alone, in fact you’re in the majority. Who doesn’t want a way to work smarter as opposed to working harder to achieve the same end?

With your list of organic SEO keywords in hand, begin running PPC campaigns. Depending on your budget, you can run a few at a time for a few weeks, or run them all at once just to get things out of the way. Regardless of how you execute the plan, the end result will eventually be the same.

You will be left with the data you need to make better decisions about the keywords you use in your future organic search endeavors.

And that is why PPC and organic SEO work well together and why you should be embracing this symbiotic relationship instead of resisting it.



What are your thoughts on the integration of PPC data into organic SEO preparations?






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