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Promote Your Business Online…Without Facebook

Promoting with Facebook: A Necessary Evil?

If you can find someone who has absolutely no complaints about trying to promote their business on Facebook, you might want to check and see if they even have an account!

Promoting your business on Facebook these days is no picnic – between the EdgeRank changes that are making it hard and harder for Pages to reach their Fans and the dubiously useful option to pay to promote posts it’s no wonder the rumblings against the social media giant are growing louder every day. Small businesses are having an especially difficult time working under this new system because they spent a lot of time, effort, and money on growing their fanbase in the past, and now are faced with budgeting in additional expenses just to continue to reach a fraction of these fans. For many this additional funding is just not there, and so they are faced with a decision: stay and grapple with a system that is not serving their needs, or try something else.

It Doesn’t Have to Be an Either – Or Proposition

Taking care of things when it comes to promoting your business doesn’t have to be an either – or proposition. You can still keep a Facebook account for your business and post and interact with your fans. The goal of seeking alternatives to Facebook is just that…seeing what’s out there that can help you promote your business without needing to get Facebook involved. Doing this can free you from having to rely on Facebook and allow you to expand your options.


Video: How To Use Pinterest to Promote Your Business

This video walks you through the basics of using Pinterest to promote your business. Pinterest is just one of the popular social networks that are receiving a lot of attention lately – use this to your advantage!


What Can You Do Outside of Facebook?

Even though it is a true giant of the social media scene, Facebook is not the be-all and end-all of online promotion for your business. Do a lot of people and businesses use it? Oh yeah. But you would be surprised how few of them use it exclusively.

  • Explore more offline advertising opportunities – See what kinds of opportunities you can find to advertise and otherwise promote your business outside of the internet. Local classifieds, business directories, and similar organizations or groups might be able to offer you something affordable (or even free)!
  • Try out different social media channels – Depending on what kind(s) of content you offer you can join a few of the following social networks and start expanding your reach: For visual content try Pinterest or Instagram; for microblogging like Facebook, try Twitter or Tumblr; and for videos, why not try YouTube? You can also check out Google+ if you’re feeling
  • Focus on your website – Your website is your home base – this should be true regardless of what you are doing to promote your business online. Take a good look at your website. Is it user-friendly? Does it support multi-media content? How easy is it to share your website or your content on different social media sites?


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How often do you use Facebook for promoting your business?



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