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Reaching New Social Heights On Your Facebook Page

There is a right way and a wrong way to develop a quality online fan base and keep them fully engaged. The right way is developing an effective content strategy that incorporates the launching of effective social media campaigns to achieve the goal. The following four tips can provide you the opportunity to get the word out on your Facebook page, along with how to attract a targeted audience and keep them engaged.

How Do I Benefit?

Many businesses, communities and individuals take the wrong approach when handling their Facebook page. They will ask online readers, visitors or others to “Like” their Facebook page without ever offering any clear directive as to why anyone would want to become a fan. To be effective at attracting a quality targeted audience, it is important that you let them know how they will benefit.

By displaying exactly what the online user will acquire or achieve by clicking on the Like button, you’ll stand a better chance of catching and keeping their attention. This might be gaining access to the company’s exclusive offers, or special one-time discounts offered only to Facebook fans. It might involve providing continuous updates on current news, sports topics, or an upcoming event. It may be that clicking the “Like” button on your account is an easy way to enter contest to win prizes.

Instead of simply offering the option of clicking the Like button, give potential fans the proposition of receiving something of clear value. Do this by including all the pertinent information in your effective Facebook marketing promotions.

Use More Than One Platform

There was a time when Facebook was the only social website available, other than individual blogs. Today, however, there is a huge assortment of available social networking sites including Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and others. You should be using every online platform available as effective tools for promoting your Facebook page. This way, you can provide a link from your website, blog or other social site that directs the targeted audience to your Facebook page.

By placing links on your other social sites and websites, you’ll have the opportunity to encourage visitors across all your platforms to “Like” your Facebook page. If you offer an e-newsletter, be sure that you include a Facebook page link. In addition, encourage all other members on the staff to include the specific links in their own email signatures.

Off-Line Marketing Tactics

Not all promotions marketing your Facebook page should be happening online. Consider using effective off-line marketing tactics in your promotional strategy. This includes placing your Facebook address on business cards, advertisements, flyers, brochures and welcome packets. All off-line promotions such as signage, billboards and other advertising should include the addition of your Facebook page address.

The Power of Commenting

Often times, we neglect the power of commenting in the social media world. Recognize that there are likely online fans that are leaving comments on your Facebook page with a link back to their own Facebook page in their signature. You should do the same. Take the time and effort to participate with others on their Facebook page and other social media sites and leave positive, encouraging and enlightening comments that contain a link back to your Facebook page. You can post quality relevant content on other Facebook sites as a guest with a link back to your page.

The power of social media is not automatic. It takes considerable planning and time, and relevant content to attract a targeted online audience. However, with an effective plan, you can reach new social heights and gain a bigger audience for your Facebook page.

Toby Gonzales is the Revenue Manager for He enjoys helping businesses implement their social media marketing plan.

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