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Repurpose Your Longer Content for SEO Benefits


Content is Content… Or is It?

While it is true that high-quality content is one of the main ingredients in a successful SEO program, are you sure you are aware of all of the types of content that you can use towards this end? Let’s say for the sake of argument, you are pretty on top of things and we don’t need to fill you in on all the different kinds of content that are out there.

Now we’re ready to take the next step, taking one kind of content and transforming it into other kinds of content. If you have a solid piece with a lot of good information in it that you think could continue to help people long after it has been initially published, you might have a prime candidate for content transformation!


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Giving Your Content New Life

There is nothing wrong with putting a lot of effort into longer forms of content, for example things like white papers, ebooks, and webinars. The trouble comes when you are unable to reach a large number of people with the content. There are a few different reasons for this including placing a barrier between the content and your audience such as a sign-up form or fee of some kind. You might have a perfectly good reason for doing this, but the fact remains that it is keeping a large portion of your potential audience from experiencing your content in full.

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There are a few ways that you can get around this obstacle, including repurposing or transforming the original content, while still retaining the same quality of information. You don’t necessarily need to give all of the information in any one form (after all you might have trouble getting someone to pay for something after they’ve already received it free of charge) but you do need to put some effort into making things happen and put your content to use in as many ways as you can.

For Example:

White papers and ebooks are longer types of content that can contain a lot of good information. Because they take so much time to put together, it is not unreasonable to expect to get a return on your investment. This return could be in the form of money, time, or some information from your audience such as their email address. What can you do to get more SEO benefit out of these kinds of content?

  • Transform them into blog posts – It is possible to take excerpts from your longer content and use them as the basis for a series of blog posts. You can also post a blog announcing the release of your longer content and inviting your readers to get their hands on the full package if they liked what they have seen so far (this logic follows the use of some of the content as example posts so readers have already gotten a taste of the kind of information your content can boast.)
  • Post bits and pieces to social channels – You can easily post a line or two to a few of your social channels to generate some interest in your longer content. This is an example of both repurposing and transforming your content into something new that can promote both your brand and the original piece that it came from

Webinars and PowerPoints are a few types of alternative content that have the potential to become pretty long, especially if there is a lot of information to communicate to your audience in one go. These types of content are unique in that they can be transformed into quite a few other kinds of content fairly easily, and they can be repurposed as well. Talk about a great deal! You can make these kinds of content work for you by:

  • Turning them into blog and social posts – Taking some of the information from a webinar (perhaps a partial transcript, a quote, etc) or PowerPoint can result in a blog post (or even a series of posts) and plenty of social activity as well. Between announcing new blog posts, the webinar or PPT itself, and then posting quotes, excerpts, etc you can expect to get quite a bit of SEO benefit from taking the time to share your content in these ways.
  • Creating videos and slideshows – Because many webinars can be recorded as video, there is a lot of potential there for breaking this type of content up into short videos that can then be published in a variety of ways. Because video ranks well in search, this is an especially attractive SEO benefit. PowerPoints can easily be transformed into short (or long) slideshows and can be shared as videos or as slideshows through sharing sites like Slideshare.

The primary goal of all of this is to change the outward form and structure and format of the original piece to fit a new platform without sacrificing any of the informative nature or message of the original.


For more information on repurposing content for your brand, check out these great posts!



Do you make an effort to get more from your longer content?

If so, why? If not, why not?



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