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SEO 101 – Guest Posting Etiquette


Guest posting essentials

What is guest blogging?

Guest posting or the act of being published on a blog that is not your own is something that has become both important and essential for quality content distribution and the building of top quality links. Because quality has become so important (taking the place of an emphasis on quantity that was prevalent until the last 2 years or so) and quality takes time, guest posting presents a unique opportunity to take care of two tasks with a single effort. You need to build links and you need to publish quality content to establish yourself as an industry authority and to bring in traffic to your website or blog, and guest posting can help you do all of that and more.

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If you do not have time to track down guest blogs on your own, you can hire one of the many guest blogging services out there. Ask yourself, “What are my guest blog opportunities like?” A guest blogging service  can help you find guest blogging sites and teach you how to guest blog successfully. A guest blogging site can accept your guest blog posts and connect you with a guest post blog that is relevant to your content. The idea is to find a blog guest post opportunities regularly exist on.

The power of friendship

Guest posting is more then just sending a random guest blog post to someone and asking / telling them to post it to their blog and link back to you. Guest posting is all about building relationships and then using these relationships to achieve the results you desire. For example, if you find a blog in your industry that you feel would be a good place to find new readers for your blog or customers for your business, working with that blog could not only earn you a link or two towards your website’s increased rankings, it could also help you reach out to other bloggers or industry influencers and begin adding to your existing network of connections. Who knows, you might make a few friends along the way, and a friend is always a good thing to have.


Guest posting etiquette

When you decide to get in on the action of guest posting, you’ll need to be aware of the niceties of presenting your content or ideas to someone else for publishing on their blog.

Infographic: A Beginner’s Guide to Guest Blogging

((For a larger version, please click on this image — To see where this graphic was originally published, click here))

Guest bloggers are everywhere – there are so many that a host blog cannot possibly support them all, even if they were all offering high-quality content. This means that a host blog does not have to accept and publish your content regardless of its quality. In this relationship you are the one who can be replaced. You need them a lot more than they need you. It’s not something most prospective guest bloggers want to hear but it’s the truth and it might help put them in the right frame of mind to approach a host blog about a guest posting opportunity.

A few things to remember when approaching a blogger about a guest post:

  • Only send your best content. If you wouldn’t post it on your blog, don’t ask someone else to put it on theirs.
  • Do your homework. Is the host blog in your industry, or relevant to it in some way? Is your content in line with the things the host blog normally publishes?
  • Ask nicely, be polite, and follow up on all communications. If the host blogger decides to publish your post, thank them and be sure to check back after publishing to respond to comments. If they reject your post, thank them for their time and ask what you could change to make the post better. Use rejections as learning experiences.


Your takeaway

Guest posting offers a lot of benefits including high quality links, opportunities to get your best content in front of new audiences, and chances to build new relationships and network with other people in your industry or related industries. The potential that is inherent in guest posting opportunities is enormous, and it is definitely something that you should take advantage of if you can! Just remember your manners and put your best foot forward when approaching another blogger about submitting a guest post on their blog!

Video: What is Google’s view on guest blogging for links?



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    Hey guys, thanks for using our infographic AND linking to us. The irony is I’m at Mozcon right now and looked at our just discovered links and saw this. Even MORE ironic is I’m literally behind 3-4 employees wearing t-shirts!

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