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The New Face of Pinterest


Pinterest has made a few changes lately that could really impact the way your brand benefits from marketing on this social channel. Focusing more on the images and less on the rest of the average pin, Pinterest aims to increase engagement and discovery in the future.

What this new Pinterest could mean for your pins

With changes that place more emphasis on the image that is being pinned and less on the information in the description and comment areas, you might be wondering how this might affect the way you pin and repin images.

Never fear! These changes could signal good things. 

Larger images could mean increased user engagement with individual pins, and while descriptions and comments are not equally emphasized any longer they still hold value. Another change that has been made is the inclusion of related pins thanks to discovery tabs on the right of and below a pinned image once it has been clicked on. Related pins are likely selected on the general category of the pin, the site the image was pinned from, and any relevant keywords available in the pin’s description. So don’t discard the text just yet, it might still prove its worth.

As always be sure to identify any images that you own as such. If you pin an infographic that you commissioned for your brand, make sure that your brand name appears on the image in a form that is easily recognizable. If you are pinning a blog post, make sure that the image you are using can be easily tied back to your brand. Pinterest can accept fairly large images, but if for any reason you need to condense the size of your image or if you are a photographer, you may want to consider using a light and unobtrusive watermark to identify and protect your work.


How your brand can benefit moving forward

Video: Marketing with Pinterest’s New Design! from Lisa Suttora


In the case of the new Pinterest, bigger might just be better.

Larger pins will be shifting even more focus to the images being pinned. While this has always been the case to a significant degree, thumbnail images of each pin are now occupying more screen real estate, and this is definitely good news for brands! Just think of how image quality will be emphasized from here on out; brands with better quality images will really have a chance to shine.

Visibility of individual pinners and their boards has been increased, making it easier than ever to reach audiences who might be interested in the kinds of things your brand is pinning.

Essentially the focus of the new Pinterest is what it always has been, but with a little more efficient delegation of space on a user’s screen.


Your takeaway


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Pinterest has made some changes to the way pins appear as well as general changes to the way a user’s screen looks while visiting the site.

  • Thumbnail images for pins are larger
  • Visibility of pins, pinners, and boards has been increased
  • There is less emphasis on captions / descriptions and comments


For more information on Pinterest’s new changes, check out these posts:




If your brand has been on Pinterest for some time, how do you think these changes will affect the way you use this social channel?




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