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The SEO Industry is Experiencing Positive Growth in 2013


In SEO, reputation is everything

And for the most part, the entire SEO industry (including top SEO companies) is seeing the benefit that comes from a more positive reputation.

From individual practitioners working as a local SEO company to big name SEO marketing companies, reports are coming in of increases in business and projections of even better business in the year to come.

For a while now SEO company services have had a pretty nasty reputation – this was especially true in the past few years amidst some of the major Google algorithm changes that occurred during this time period. Businesses were dropping out of sight in the search results, their rankings a fraction of what they had been sometimes just days before. The finger of blame was pointed squarely at SEO, because after all it was the actions of the SEO services company they were working with that had landed these websites in trouble so of course that professional SEO company and the entire industry must be fundamentally flawed…right?

While we know this to be untrue and the poor reputation of even the best SEO company largely undeserved, the few bad apples that exposed the potential a top SEO company had for damaging websites didn’t help matters much.

Spammy tactics such as mass article marketing, scraping / spinning / posting blog comments, and so on were seen as staples of the average SEO optimization company instead of the rouge elements used by the occasional SEO marketing company that they were. While the occasional SEO service company used these methods and the tools associated with them simply didn’t know any better, the majority of users knew exactly what they were doing and accepted the risks of gaming the system. Too bad their clients didn’t!


As positive awareness grows, so does business

As an SEO company we know that working with an organic SEO company plays a large role in the success of a brand’s internet marketing and is essential for spreading brand awareness amongst the brand’s target audience and their communities.

Video: SEO in 2013 – Are you ready?

The wonderful trend we have been noticing is that our clients are also coming to these realizations about SEO companies. They’re beginning to understand that SEO is not the evil industry that it has been portrayed to be, and that an affordable SEO company can give their businesses a boost when sustainable techniques are applied properly.

Perhaps an increase in client education could help improve this growing awareness. If more businesses knew about the true power of legitimate, sustainable SEO there would surely be an even greater number of interested clients seeking out the best SEO companies!


Your takeaway

Business has been better, and is only projected to continue this trend. Maybe helping clients and prospects to understand just how valuable SEO can be will help increase the success of SEO firms and individual practitioners. Only time will tell!

The key to success however will be the promotion of legitimate SEO methods and tools, including content production and marketing, high-quality link building and networking, and social media management. Divert attention away from the unsustainable tactics of the past that gave the SEO industry a bad name and focus more on the positives that are available today!

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