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What Google+ Can Do For Your SEO


Google+ is far more than just another social network

Is it yet another addition to the multitude of social channels that have sprung up and gained strength in the past few years? Yes. But is that all there is to it? Nope!

How to create a Google Plus page for your business, and why it matters

If you are asking questions like “How to create a Google Plus account for my business for best results”, or “How to create a Google Plus page for my business to get the best rankings” then you’ve come to the right place! We can tell you all of the best reasons that you need to be telling yourself and your business associates that you need “a Google Plus page for my business” right away!

Check out this great tutorial on setting up your Google Plus page for your business:  How to Create a Business Page On Google Plus - by Matthew Meyer

Video: How to Create a Business Page On Google Plus

Google Plus for business is to content what Facebook is to relationships; its aim is to connect content creators and curators and eventually become the place to go for those interested in the content side of the internet. The goal of Google Plus for small business users seems to be to collect, personalize / recommend, and share the world’s content amongst the members of the network.

It is also a Google product, and this should not be disregarded. While outright favoritism would not be wise, it does seem that Google is giving plenty of weight to the content and social signals coming from Google Plus, making Google Plus for business sign up an excellent option.


SEO and Google+

Should I create a Google Plus page for my business?

Definitely! You should sign up for Google Plus for business use, create a Google Plus account for business purposes (both content creation / sharing and networking), and then create a Google Plus page for business content pieces you publish.

One of the more interesting things about Google+ is that profiles and pages there have fairly decent PageRank right off the bat, and this can be passed on from the links you build there. Of course you’d need to be smart about utilizing this source of links with Google Plus for business best practices in mind, but when added to your total library of link building locations it can be a very valuable resource.

It’s all about YOU (and your content of course)

As far as Google is concerned, you are becoming more important than your website – your authority and relevance as a content producer and publisher is worth more than these same factors when applied to your website, though of course your Google Plus URL for business content will be taken into consideration.

The way Google views you now determines the effectiveness of Google+ for your SEO. If you can establish yourself as a valuable contributor on Google+ then the content you publish / share there will have a better chance of ranking well. Because of this, creating a Google Plus account for business use would make a lot of sense.

How important is Google Authorship for SEO?

While Google Authorship in and if itself does not seem to be a ranking factor, it can still be useful to create a Google Plus account for your business to be used for building the kind of authority that will generate more social activity around your brand and your content, thus achieving the effects mentioned above. Businesses can use a Google Plus for business login to get in on this action and set up their Authorship any time.

Which is more important, +1′s or more people in your circles?

More +1′s indicates to Google that you are legitimate and are producing valuable content. These positive signals can help to increase rankings. You can create a Google Plus page for business content publishing and create a Google Plus account for business networking – setting up a Google Plus account for business can help your business begin to garner those valuable +1′s!

More people in your circles might not have the same kind of measurable effect but like Google Authorship it doesn’t have to be a directly attributable ranking factor to help you out in the long run!


Your takeaway

While the general rule of thumb when it comes to social media is to go where your audience is and attempt to establish  presence there and focus your efforts based on the concentration of your audience on a given channel, you might want to consider breaking the rule for Google+.

It is growing fast and has the second-largest active user base, only surpassed by Facebook. This should make it a very attractive prospect for your business’ content marketing and social networking strategies.






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