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What is the True Value of a Link?


Despite what you might have been lead to believe, a link has the potential to be so much more than simply a tie between two web pages.

More than just another item on the listing in your backlink profile, a single link can result in an enormous benefit for your brand over time. All you need to do is put a little thought into each link you create pointing back to your website and watch the good things happen.


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A Link Can Be Like a Relationship

Whenever you build a link back to your website, you are setting up a relationship of sorts. Not only does this link connect your website to another site and vice versa, it also stands in place to act as the first connection between a potential customer and your brand. When someone finds a link to your website and decides to click on it, they have made the first steps toward building a relationship with your brand.


With the Right Content Behind It, a Link Can be Really Valuable

Some of the most popular kinds of links used by brands to build their backlink profile are forum and blog comment links.

These links are often “nofollow” meaning that they do not pass PageRank. You might think that because of this, these kinds of links aren’t terribly useful and don’t have much potential. And this is where you would be wrong. These kinds of links can be enormously useful in generating traffic, but only if approached with the proper attitude.

In many cases, links are built by a brand’s SEO team; this team can be in-house, or (as is often the case) a hired team working on behalf of the brand. Regardless of who is doing the link building, for comment and forum links, the link itself has to be highly relevant to the discussion at hand, and the content that serves as the support for the link has to be relevant as well.

This is where trouble can begin to brew; if the person in charge of building these kinds of links for a brand is using automated software, or is just plain unfamiliar with the topic being discussed, any links they leave can look highly spammy and self-promotional, both turn-offs to users who may have otherwise clicked on the link.


Video: What Makes a Good High Value Link?


How does your brand build links?



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