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Why You Need to Focus on Local Organic SEO


Online representation is everything. If you are doing business in any form or fashion you need to be properly represented online, especially at a local level.

Video: How can a legitimate business compete online?

Think of local SEO while watching this video; local SEO is just the thing that businesses need to level the playing field and compete for the eyes and attention spans of today’s web users.

Google has begun placing even greater importance on the results of local SEO. This means that the more visible you can make your business, the more you will benefit.

Local versus national SEO

Local traffic is different from national traffic – not only can your results vary based on your browser settings, but there are differences in the very foundations of each kind of SEO.

Local SEO and national SEO have very different approaches when it comes to keyword research, and any online representation that follows. Local SEO focuses specifically on the area surrounding a business and makes an effort to bring that business to prominence in the search results for that area. Often users search for a more general term such as “organic SEO company” and add the name of their local area either before or after the general term, hoping to receive results for the general term that are directly related to their local area.

In contrast to national SEO, local organic SEO is a process that aims to enhance the ranking and authority of a business’ website using a variety of on and off page optimization techniques. A growing number of businesses are choosing focus more of their SEO efforts on locally-oriented campaigns.


Making local organic SEO work for your business

If you want your local organic SEO efforts to succeed, you need to learn more about citations.

A citation is defined as a mention of your business’ name, address, phone number, or combination of these and other contact details. Even if there isn’t a link to your website included with this mention it can still be valuable. Citations can be found in places like local business directories, chamber of commerce websites, or other local business associations. Citations can also be referred to as “web references”  – so if you see this term when researching more information on local SEO you can know that this post and what you find are addressing the same thing.

If all other factors are equal, businesses with more citations to their credit are likely to rank better than those who do not have as many.

As with other organic SEO techniques, authority matters. Citations from websites that have been around for several years and are well-indexed are going to be worth more than citations from newer, less established websites. Authority signals like citations from high-ranking sites with plenty of their own authority tell search engines that the businesses they mention are who they claim to be and are legitimate businesses that are active in their communities.


Your takeaway

If you haven’t been paying much attention to local organic SEO, now is the time to take action!

Google is paying more and more attention to links and citations with a local flavor, so it is very important that you begin working on generating more local organic representation for your business. You can do this by altering your national organic SEO strategy to accommodate more local elements such as local business directories. This doesn’t mean to stop working on national SEO altogether, but rather that you should definitely consider focusing more of your efforts on local SEO in order to take advantage of the benefits it can offer.

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